Heads Up Sit and Go site launched

An amazing site recently launched for heads up sit and go players and anyone who enjoys playing heads up no-limit holdem. The site is really accurate, with push/fold charts, starting hand guides, advice on how to play deep stacked, and lists of places to play heads up profitably. For Poker pros and talented amateurs, this is the best place we have found. The twoplustwo forum isn’t bad, and you’ll find some good advice on Flop Turn River as well, but Heads Up sit and go poker tournaments is definitely the best place to learn to play them well from a poker pro who generally plays online.

Covering the basics of two person tournaments is really important, but the guys at husng do a great job of covering the more in-depth strategies for short stacks as well as deep stacked play. I’m telling you, these dudes know what they are talking about when it comes to online poker and teaching you how to play and crush one on one tourneys.

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All the poker advice you’ll ever need

This is really it, all the poker advice you need -

1. When you aren’t sure, just go all-in. If It’s a fixed-limit game, then just call all the way.

2. Don’t play a big pot without a big hand

3. Don’t read poker books, you can’t learn poker from a book

We’ll get around to posting more funny and ridiculous advice on this site later. For now you should just be aware that this is probably the best poker interweb in history.

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